• Physical and mental states of exhaustion (e.g. after infectious diseases, operations, antibiotic-therapy)
    • Musculoskeletal disorders (e.g. back pain, disc problems, rheumatism, arthrosis)
    • Disturbances of the intestine and the intestinal flora (e.g. irritable bowel, nervous stomach, leaky gut)
    • Metabolic diseases (such as diabetes mellitus, obesity, disorders of the lipid metabolism)
    • Regeneration after acute phase and follow-up treatment for heart attack or stroke
    • Food intolerances and allergies
    • Naturopathic treatment for circulatory disorders, high blood pressure, known heart failure
    • Heavy metal load


    • Disorders of the mood due to heavy stress, also post-traumatic
    • Naturopathic diagnosis and therapy for tumor diseases
    • Neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, polyneuropathy, demetia,… (prerequisite is that the patient is still self-sufficient)
    • Preventive and health examinations
    • Nutritional medicine and fasting
    • Dental focal analysis, amalgam removal, TMJ problems (CMD) and bruxism splint therapy, orthodontic corrections
    • Assistance in the decision-making of the individual therapy in serious diseases, e.g. tumors, multiple sclerosis etc.
    • Guidance in difficult life situations


    The doctors of the Naturklinik Michelrieth have specialized in Naturopathy. With different emphases, they work together hand in hand to achieve the best possible for your health. Whether outpatient or inpatient – people of all ages are welcome.



    • Carsten Wirr, MD
      General Practitioner
      Naturopathy, Chiropractic
    • Nicole Weber, MD (Switzerland)
      General Practitioner, Naturopathy
      Pediatrics FMH (Switzerland)
    • Peter Thurneysen, MD (Switzerland)
      General Practitioner,
      Psychosomatic Medicine
    • Peter Jennrich
      Specialist in General Medicine,
      Focus on Heavy Metal Testing and Elimination, Naturopathy, Acupuncture
    • Garen Artyunyan, MD (Varna, Bulgaria)
      Specialist for Internal Medicine with Focus on Cardiology, Naturopathy


    • Christo Obreschkow, DDS
      General Dentistry, Focal Diagnostics, Counselling,
      Cranio-mandibular Dysfunction (CMD)
    • Verena Glaser
      General Dentist, Amalgam Removal, Prophylaxis, Restorative Dentistry,
      Invisible orthodontics for Adults with the „alphαlign“-method


    By car:

    Highway A3 Frankfurt – Würzburg, exit Marktheidenfeld, short drive in the direction Marktheidenfeld, at first intersection after approx. 500m turn left to Altfeld and Michelrieth. At village entrance stay right then follow signage “Naturklinik Michelrieth”.

    By Train:

    Arrival at Würzburg main station. Continue by bus to Marktheidenfeld.
    Arrival by train also possible at Aschaffenburg or Wertheim railway stations. Free pickup by clinic shuttle from Marktheidenfeld bus station or Wertheim railway station.

    By airplane:

    Direct taxi-transfer from Frankfurt International Airport (FFM), subject to a charge. Please inform us in time about your flight number and arrival time.