• Micronutrient Therapy

    Micronutrients are minerals, trace elements, amino acids, vitamins and fatty acids. Despite a rich food supply, micronutrient deficiencies are becoming more and more common. In addition, there is a high burden of environmental toxins and other stress factors, which bring an additional need for certain micronutrients. The metabolism in the body, however, can only function undisturbed if all the necessary micronutrients are in the right place at the right time.

    The balancing of micronutrient deficiencies has a beneficial effect on many diseases, e.g. cardiovascular diseases, allergies, fatigue, burnout, metabolic diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, etc. A targeted therapy with micronutrients also serves to improve the physical and mental performance into old age.

    The foundation for an optimal micronutrient therapy is a detailed micronutrient analysis of the blood. Based on the blood analysis, it is possible to determine exactly which micronutrients the body lacks. This is the basis for a targeted, individually tailored intake by peroral administration, infusions or inunctions.

  • Heavy Metal Elimination


    Even a low level of exposure to heavy metals can trigger illnesses. This is fundamental to our health.

    Naturally, the body needs a number of vital, so-called essential minerals. Heavy metals and other toxic metals have chemical properties similar to minerals which are vital to humans. As a result, heavy metals can displace the vital minerals from their binding sites in the proteins and enzymes of the body. The consequence is a reduced ability of the body to ensure the basic cell and organ functions. This can lead to a variety of ailments and illnesses, ranging from discomfort, susceptibility to infections, stress intolerance, autoimmune diseases, circulatory disorders, to psychiatric and neurological diseases and to cancer. This has been proven by numerous scientific studies.

    The diagnosis and treatment of chronic environmental heavy metal burdening in conjunction with the supplementation of micronutrient deficiencies open up new opportunities in the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Heavy metal contamination can be detected by appropriate laboratory tests. On the basis of these laboratory values, an individual therapeutic concept can be established, e.g. the elimination of heavy metals by means of chelating agents.

  • Oxygen Therapies


    As oxygen therapies we offer:

    • Oxygen Inhalations
    • The Major Self-Blood Oxygen Therapy
    • Self-Blood Oxygen Therapy with UVB (Ultraviolet radiation of the blood)
    • Ozone Self-Blood Therapy
    • Oxyvenation

    They are used in both acute and chronic diseases. Oxygen therapies improve the oxygenation of the cell. They have an activating effect on the body’s defense (immune system) and improve the detoxification function of the liver, the flow properties of the blood and the circulation in all tissues.

  • Osteopathy

    This manual therapy helps the flow of energy and the balance between all body systems.

    • Structural osteopathy with musculoskeletal problems
    • Cranio-sacral therapy in cases of migraine, stress, accidents, shock, etc.
    • Visceral osteopathy for internal organ disorders

  • Naturopathic Therapies


    Among other things we offer the following naturopathic therapies:

    • Phytotherapy
    • Homeopathy
    • Neural Therapy
    • Bloodletting
    • Cupping,
    • Magnetic Field Therapy
    • Color Therapy
    • Local Hyperthermia
    • Ointment Applications
    • Manual Therapy
    • Infiltration Therapy
    • Inhalations
    • Qaddel Treatment
    • Injections
    • Infusions

  • Medicinal Herbal Wraps / Herbal Teas


    Medicinal Herbal Wraps from – Nature’s Treasure Chest
    You can also get to know the effect of medicinal herbs and their practical application during your stay at the Naturklinik. Especially popular is the “relax-wrap” with St. John’s wort oil, a high-quality, hand-made oil from “Apostel Kräuter Naturprodukte.” In the Naturklinik you will also get to know liver wraps, horsetail wraps and herbal ointments – also for your naturopathic home pharmacy.

    Medicinal Herbal Teas for Cleansing the Body
    During your stay, you will have the opportunity to get to know many medicinal herbs. These support the organs of your body in their tasks. For example the common centaury (knapweed) promotes digestion, the common horsetail is diuretic, dandelion stimulates the liver, vervain helps purify the blood and hawthorn stimulates the circulation.


  • Naturopathic Dentistry

    Removal of Amalgam and Detoxification
    Amalgam which is often used as filling material contains among others Mercury and tin, which – due to abrasion from chewing – are swallowed. Using a saliva test, the concentration of these toxic heavy metals can be determined. Even the smallest amounts of mercury can lead to a number of non-specific complaints. After the removal of Amalgam fillings a detoxification therapy by the physician should follow. As a replacement for the amalgam fillings we recommend the proven Composite materials or laboratory fabricated ceramic or zirconium dioxide restorations.

    TMJ-Problems – Cranio-Mandibular Dysfunction
    Via muscle fibres and nerves the entire head-neck-shoulder belt is closely related to the muscles of mastication. Tensions in this area may radiate to migraine type headaches or cause tinnitus. A dental diagnosis may help to identify the possible cause and lead to an appropriate therapy, e.g. with an anti-bruxism splint. Usually an anti-bruxism splint is made of acrylic and is placed on the upper arch during the night. This prevents the Patient from bruxing at night. An effective alternative is the so-called NTI-splint (Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition). It is positioned on the front teeth only and prevents the cusps of the molars to touch which could lead to grinding or clenching.

    Dental Focal Diagnostics
    Dead teeth are considered foreign bodies in the jawbone. They are also known as interference fields. They may represent a blockage along the energy meridians and trigger or aggravate painful or chronic degenerative changes in the organs. A simple digital panoramic x-ray of the jaws with a modern low-radiation device (up to 75% reduction of radiation compared with conventional x-ray devices) allows us to locate impacted wisdom teeth, dental foci and further inflammatory processes.

  • Chelation Therapy

    The chelation therapy is an infusion therapy for treating diseases of the vessels and other disorders. The patient receives a continuous drip-infusion containing the so-called chelating agent EDTA (Ethylene-Diamine-Tetra-Acetate). Chelate is the compound of a mineral or metal with another substance. Chelation is a natural process in the body (e.g., iron on hemoglobin). The chelation, which we use therapeutically, is carried out with the substance EDTA. This substance is administered as an Infusion.

    EDTA has the property of absorbing heavy metals, e.g. lead and cadmium in the body, and eliminating them via the kidneys. EDTA is also suitable for the treatment of arteriosclerosis, due to its property of binding calcium.

    Effects of Chelation Therapy:

    • It inhibits arteriosclerosis; Plaques are reduced, the elasticity of the arteries is improved.
    • It detoxifies the body of toxic metals from the air, drinking water, foodstuffs, cigarette smoke, cosmetics, dental materials (amalgam, palladium) and many other environmental toxins.
    • Calcium incorporation in the bones is promoted.
    • It captures free radicals.


  • Liver Bile Cleanse
    and Colonic


    Our most important detoxification organ, the liver, plays a decisive role in almost all chronic diseases, such as in allergies, chronic infections, environmental and heavy metal pollution, intestinal disorders, liver and metabolic disorders, and much more. It is therefore becoming more and more important to support the liver in order to achieve a good detoxification function of the body. Therefore, we carry out the “Liver Bile Cleanse And Colonic” as part of an inpatient stay.

    The best effect occurs when the patient is relaxed and has enough time (at least 4 days), because stress cramps the organs. The effect of the Liver Bile Cleanse is enhanced by a subsequent gentle cleansing of the colon. The preparation days can be started at home. We will be happy to send you the herbal cure, tincture and all details associated with it.

    Our services in the liver bile cure:

    • Medical consultation
    • Physical examination, including ultrasound of the gallbladder
    • Relaxing foot massage
    • Liver bile cleanse
    • Colon hydrotherapy (gentle cleansing of the colon)

  • Colon-Hydrotherapy

    The mucous membrane of the digestive tract is the most important part of the immune system. It consists of a close relationship between the nervous system and the metabolic processes in the intestines. Many illnesses such as infection, inflammation, rheumatism, acne, psoriasis, numerous skin diseases, high blood pressure, migraine, allergies and other ailments are often closely related to an unbalanced intestinal milieu. Fungal infections may develop more readily in a disturbed intestinal environment.

    Colon hydrotherapy is a proven naturopathic method for intestinal cleansing. It is often felt as comfortable and soothing. The closed system ensures a hygienic, odorless and clean treatment. Without the use of medicines and chemicals, the colon is cleansed in a painless, gentle manner.

    During the therapy an abdominal massage and a deeply effective Vibration massage lead to an intensive loosening of deposits and a stimulation of the intestinal muscles.

    A medical consultation is required before the first colon hydrotherapy.




    Soothing Massages

    Worldwide, massages belong to the oldest manual therapy methods for relaxation and pain relief:

    • Classic massage
    • Colon massage
    • Reflex massages, reflexology
    • Honey massage
    • Deep tissue massage (for deacidification
    • and more

    Lymph Decongestion Terapies

    These therapies promote the lymph flow in your body, cleanse the tissues and stimulate the immune System.

    • Manual lymph drainage
    • Edema therapy / compression bandaging
    • Interferential current regulation therapy
    • Mobilizing joint drainage
    • Head lymph drainage
    • Lymph taping
    • Ultrasound therapy
    • and more

  • therapies for nerve relaxation


    As part of the therapy concept of the Naturklinik, we offer various therapies to assist you in relaxing your nervous system, e.g.:

    • Nerve point treatment
    • healing massage/healing rest
    • Head lymph drainage
    • Warm oil massage
    • Full-body brush massage
    • Foot massages
    • Nerve resting Massage

                     … and many more

  • Physiotherapy


    All treatments are individually tailored to your personal needs.

    Corrective Posture Therapiy: Targeted holistic bodywork to straighten the spine and balance out joints and muscles:

    • Holistic postural therapy
    • Three-dimensional scoliosis treatment
    • Spinal therapy according to Dorn
    • Individual training: Pilates, Sling, Senso Motorics, Blackroll

    Remedial Gymnastics: Active forms of treatment with self-help instructions:

    • Remedial gymnastics / Manual therapy
    • Bobath for adults
    • Pelvic floor training
    • Treatment of CMD (cranio-mandibular dysfunction)

    Pain Reducing Therapies: The treatment of pain conditions often requires the individual combination of therapies to dissolve blockages, congestions and hardenings of the connective tissues, and the muscular. For example:

    • Neuro-physiological pain therapy
    • Matrix rhythm therapy
    • Lymphologic connective tissue treatment
    • Pneumatic pulsation therapy
    • Dolo taping, kinesio taping (tape-bandage)

  • Detoxification with the elements of nature


    Therapies using the elements of nature

    Warmth relaxes, water purifies, earth vitalizes, air invigorates!

    For your health, we use pure natural products, salts, ointments and oils.

    • Medicinal baths with additives such as salts, herbs, oils, peat and algae
    • Surf bath (underwater massage)
    • Continuous shower “Warm Waterfall”
    • Packs of clay and bog
    • Salt and oil massage
    • Bio-energetic foot bath, alternating foot bath
    • Cooling and heating therapies
    • Infrared heat cabin
    • Brine wrap / horsetail wrap / ginger wrap
    • Decongesting leg wrap
    • Nerve resting bath, oxygen bath
    • Raising footbath (Schiele), e.g. with mustard flour
    • Alternating footbath, e.g. with rosemary or pine needles

  • Movement Therapy


    Activating movement therapy, e.g.:

    • Morning exercises or rhythmic walking to discover your own natural body rhythm.
    • Nordic walking in the oxygen rich Spessart forest for your vitality and dynamism
    • Group gymnastics to improve posture and function
    • Respiratory and relaxation therapy.